Can you prevent infidelity?

Can you prevent infidelity?

Infidelity has a damaging effect that makes marriages hard to recover. But can it be prevented? Are there measures one can take to try and steer off a marriage from hitting the rocks? For most couples, once an affair is over, surviving through this challenging time is usually a defining moment of a relationship. Suspicion, insecurity, and anger always float around like a dark cloud in the relationship. This effect tends to stay around for years even after the affair is over.

It is said that you should never become a cheating husband or wife because you can easily damage your reputation and your marriage. But on the other side, some people find it hard to stay faithful to one person over a long time. We all have sexual desires and needs, and in some cases, it can be hard to deny these feelings and stick to the vows of marriage.

There are people whose willpower is strong enough for them to control sexual impulses that try to push them outside their boundaries of fidelity. But that is not to say that only bad or weak people are the ones who stray. Infidelity is not an easy subject, it is a complex phenomenon. There are lots of reasons as to why someone can become a cheating husband or wife. There are not just one or two reasons that can explain why someone cheated. The only basic statement that stands is that cheaters are humans, and humans have the capacity of acting contrary to what they had agreed.

The common concept of infidelity is when a partner has an affair in a hotel room or in s secret location. But in today’s society, infidelity has a different face. Technology has changed the way we look at infidelity. Individuals can have online affairs, engage in Facebook flirting, or even invoke extramarital sexting from the comfort of their homes. Our lack of work-life balance has contributed heavily to how we relate with our partners. Our workplace has become the centre of emotional affairs because most of our time is spent at the office. There are those of us who even confess to having ‘work-wives’ or ‘work-husbands’. These sort of titles are present because people spend more time with others than their real partners. Although physical boundaries may not be crossed, this sort of relationship can be deep and intimate.

Navigating the field of infidelity is not easy, especially when there are no clear guidelines in place that identify the bounds of fidelity. Is it okay to flirt with a co-worker as long as the physical bounds are not crossed? What happens when partners have different definitions of infidelity?

Below are some things that need to be considered:

You Shouldn’t do Something That You Would Not Say in Front of Your Partner

This simple rule can help you to clear up many obstacles or confusions about whether you are cheating or not. When tempting situations come in play, just ask yourself, ”Would I be worried or embarrassed in case my partner knew how I am behaving?”

Is it Okay to be Sexual and Flirtatious?

Is it okay to use this kind of energy on your co-worker when you already have a partner? If you discover that your co-worker pops up in your mind more than your spouse, then you are in trouble. Even if cheating has not happened, your time and attention are betraying you, and it can damage your relationship.

What Are You Getting Out of the Situation?

If you discover that you are tempted all the time to flirt with a co-worker than a spouse, find out the reason as to why you are doing it. There has to be a way the behavior is rewarding because you wouldn’t be doing it. Do you feel wanted and desired when you flirt? Or do you feel entertained because you want some excitement in your life? The bottom line is that you might be lacking something in your relationship. Once you discover what you are lacking, you can work to bring back the passion and spontaneity.

Be Open About Your Boundaries With Your Partner

It is vital that you and your partner understand each other and know what constitutes cheating. When you are open about your limits and boundaries, it can be easy to troubleshoot problems and keep your relationship from digressing in the territory of cheating.


After taking the measures we have listed above, do you think cheating can be prevented? Well, it is hard to say because people react differently to situations. There are times when one can be irrational and abandon the agreements or promises they made to a partner. Taking the steps to avoid infidelity is important, but it is not a sure way to make your relationship infidelity-proof.